Harry Styles’ Guitarist And Collaborator, Mitch Rowland, Steals Hearts At Coachella Appearance

Multi-talented guitarist, composer, and Harry Styles’ pal-cum-collaborator, Mitch Rowland, is really the life of the party.

Coachella headliner, Harry Styles, capped the first night off with an unforgettable performance with the one-and-only Lizzo.The pair teamed up to deliver Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit song, “I Will Survive,” and it’s safe to say the crowd was yearning for more.

The pair’s electric set also included their rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” – a moving tribute to Styles’s roots as a former One Direction member. And like Harry’s dazzling performance with Lizzo was not thrilling enough, guitarist and composer, Mitch Rowland, strummed his guitar so hard it drew the attention of the crowd.

Further adding to the aesthetics, Rowland took a leap, still passionately working the strings of his guitar as he jumped up and down. This immediately set the crowd off, as many concertgoers shifted both their attention and phone cameras to capture the rare moment.

It didn’t take time for the brief moment to turn into a viral sensation, trending on socials and becoming one of the hot topics from the undeniably thrilling night in the Coachella valley. Other surprise appearances kept the Coachella crowd on its feet as weekend two kicked off!

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