Ice Spice Sued For “In Ha Mood” Alleged Copyright Infringement

One of the most unexpected pieces of news to surface online is that Ice Spice is being taken to court over her popular song “In Ha Mood” because a rapper and his producer are accusing her of blatantly stealing their ideas. The rapper, who goes by “D. Chamberz,” is suing Ice Spice for copyright infringement, claiming that he composed, produced, and published a song named “In That Mood” a year prior to Ice Spice’s well-known hit.

In January 2022, D.Chamberz posted his song on all major digital platforms, and he believes that Ice Spice’s producer heard it on the radio before her song was released, according to the lawsuit that media house TMZ was able to get. He says that Ice Spice’s song is a direct copy of his music, including the beat, lyrics, hook, rhythmic structure, metrical placement, and narrative context. Damn! That’s some claim right there!

Also, regarding how “In That Mood” supposedly caught Ice Spice’s attention, D. Chamberz asserts that he sang it numerous times in NYC at locations close to where Ice and her producer, Riot, live. Additionally, D. Chamberz claims that his song was played on Hot 97 FM in New York City and that social media receipts support his assertion that Riot was most likely listening in.The music video for Ice Spice’s song has had over 45 million views on YouTube and is certified gold. However, D.Chamberz is requesting damages in addition to at least half of the song’s publication and other earnings.

Ice Spice’s management has yet to respond to the allegations as fans await an update on the matter.

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