JoeBoy Builds Anticipation For His “Body and Soul”, First 2023 Release

With his chart-topping music that has spread his reputation beyond the borders of Nigeria, Joeboy has continued to enthrall audiences since becoming one of Afrobeats’ hitmakers.


After a somewhat underwhelming 2022 where most of his released singles – save for “Alcohol,” which turned into a TikTok challenge – didn’t garner enough success as compared to his early releases, JoeBoy will be willing to change the narrative and give his fans a taste of what they know and love him for.

Joeboy recently claimed on Twitter that he stands head and shoulders above his peers when it comes to love songs. And thus, He will be attempting to offer more justification for his assertion with the help of his future releases.

” Body and Soul” is the title of his first single this year, and it will also be included in his sophomore album coming out soon.

The 20th of January is the scheduled release date for the single, and many ears will be itching to hear and see JoeBoy prove himself again on the big stage.

E-Kelly produces the Afro-Pop track, and JoeBoy will be willing to add this to his collection of smashing hit love songs that he has come to be known to deliver.

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