Joeboy “Body, Soul & Spirit” EP Review

Body, Soul & Spirit – EP


  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Date: 17 Nov, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 5
  • ℗ 2023 emPawa Africa Limited

Joeboy astonishes listeners with “Body, Soul, & Spirit,” an entrancing addition to his sophomore album, “Body & Soul” six months after its release. “Body, Soul, & Spirit” isn’t flawless, but it adds enough to the previous record, developing its ideas, changing its sound, and enhancing both the material and Joeboy’s discography.

The production of “Body, Soul, & Spirit” is more emotionally impactful, enabling Joeboy to showcase his vocal skills in novel and captivating ways. His ability to sing has always been one of his strong points, and it is evident here as well. Every note is struck and maintained with clarity, strength, and control.

He infuses his typical Afropop delivery with an emotional honesty and depth that effectively conveys human feelings. Unfortunately, the songs’ dull lyrics, which frequently oversimplify their subject matter, undermine this communication.

EP Cover Art

Joeboy &Quot;Body, Soul &Amp; Spirit&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

Like an artist about to kick off a live perfomance, Joeboy, in his matching green suit, sits on a platform covered with an orange cloth while a spotlight shines on the singer and a portion of other objects behind him, also covered with an orange cloth.

Tracks and Features

The EP’s opening track, “Only God Can Save Me,” is a somber and reflective ballad featuring Joeboy weeping in both Yoruba and English over a straightforward arrangement that primarily consists of a deep bass synth and accompanying pads. Shakers that rattle and an Afrobeats drum pattern with a distinctively rhythmic arrangement set the pace. During the chorus, bright guitars and ethereal synths create a light overlay while Joeboy declines to believe that God alone can heal him.

The track’s production includes some odd log drums that, if removed, would not be felt. The straightforward music works well with Joeboy’s vocal delivery because it allows him plenty of room to sing his lovely melodies.

The next song, “24/7,” picks up the pace with its steady Afrobeats snares and quicker shakers. Another piece with a powerful synthetic bass is developed around these beats. Sparkly guitars add a happy accent that fits with the song’s overall upbeat tone. Joeboy’s enthusiastic singing and smooth falsetto harmonizations are in full swing by the time the wood drumming and effect-laden strings begin. Joeboy croons a compelling rendition of the upbeat and comforting song when he sings in the chorus, “Brother man, me I want to dance and flex and feel alright.”

Sparkling chords and crisp vocal samples open “Telephone,” establishing the amorous tone that the song is all about. Joeboy showers his girlfriend with praises, which is accompanied by a heavy dose of percussion. Because his vocals are layered, he can harmonize in his distinctive way over sweeping string pads and delicate, emotive piano chords.

Strumming guitars and a deep, intricate drumline with Dancehall influences form the framework of “Enemy.” Joeboy uses remarkably straightforward delivery to weave an honest tale about an unhappy relationship and its aftermath. Although he continues to sing with clarity and power, the melodies on this record seem less original, and the harmonies he adds on top of them don’t really improve the sound quality.

“Surviving,” the EP’s final track, features more strummed guitars. Because there aren’t many drum beats in this song, Joeboy’s voice really takes center stage. He consistently creates very moving songs with equally somber harmonies that go well with the gloomy atmosphere the instrumentals evoke. These audacious, brazen passages, characterized by piercing instruments and heartfelt ululations, serve as the song’s climax.


1 Only God Can Save Me 2:58
2 24/7 2:26
3 Telephone 2:24
4 Enemy 2:38
5 Surviving 2:37

EP Theme

“Body, Soul, & Spirit” is exactly what is promised; it feels like a continuation of the “Body & Soul” album. Joeboy develops the concepts of life and love by taking a slightly different artistic perspective.

Production Credits

BeatsbyKO, Debo, and Black Culture handled the EP’s production.


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