Drake Builds Anticipation With “For All The Dogs” Album Tracklist Release

Drake's Upcoming Album "For All The Dogs": A Closer Look

Canadian rapper Drake is gearing up to release his eighth studio album, “For All The Dogs.” The album, which has been highly anticipated by fans and critics alike, is set to drop soon, with the artist teasing its release during his recent tour dates.

Drake’s recent performance at Madison Square Gardens was more than just a musical showcase; it was also an announcement platform. Addressing a sold-out crowd, the rapper hinted at the album’s imminent release, stating it would be out “in two weeks.” This album follows his previous works, “Honestly, Nevermind” in 2022 and “Certified Lover Boy” in 2021, marking a prolific period for the artist.

Promotion for “For All The Dogs” has been unique, with a book of poems by Drake serving as a precursor to the album. The cover art, shared on social media, features a drawing by his son, Adonis, adding a personal touch to the project.

Drake took to Instagram to unveil the tracklist for “For All The Dogs.” While the list does not disclose any featured artists, it hints at the album’s thematic direction and mood. Some of the tracks include “Virginia Beach,” “Amen,” “Calling For You,” “Fear Of Heights,” and “Daylight.” The inclusion of “8AM In Charlotte” is particularly noteworthy, given its recent release and the buzz it has generated.


Track Number Artist Title
1 Drake Virginia Beach
2 Drake Amen
3 Drake Calling For You
4 Drake Fear Of Heights
5 Drake Daylight
6 Drake First Person Shooter
7 Drake IDGAF
8 Drake 7969 Santa
9 Drake Slime You Out Feat. SZA
10 Drake Bahamas Promises
11 Drake Tried Our Best
12 Drake Screw The World Interlude
13 Drake Members Only
14 Drake Drew A Picasso
15 Drake What Would Pluto Do.
16 Drake All The Parties
17 Drake 8AM In Charlotte
18 Drake BBL Love Interlude
19 Drake Gently
20 Drake Rich Baby Daddy
21 Drake Another Late Night
22 Drake Away From Home
23 Drake Polar Opposites

Drake is on his US tour, “It’s All a Blur,” alongside artists 21 Savage and Lil Yachty. The tour is set to wrap up in Columbus, Ohio, on October 9, 2023. Given the proximity of his Los Angeles performance on August 12, 2023, to the album’s proposed release date, fans can likely expect a grand album release celebration.

While the anticipation for “For All The Dogs” is palpable, there’s a lingering question: Will it live up to the hype? Drake’s recent albums have set a high bar, and expectations are sky-high with the sparse promotion for this project. Not revealing featured artists might be a strategic move to build suspense, but it also runs the risk of setting unrealistic expectations. Only time will tell if “For All The Dogs” meets the standards that Drake’s previous works set.Drake Builds Anticipation With &Quot;For All The Dogs&Quot; Album Tracklist Release, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

Recent reports confirm that the album will be released on August 25, 2023. This announcement came after a series of teasers, including a poetry book and the album artwork reveal. Additionally, Drake’s collaboration with 21 Savage last November on the album “Her Loss” has added to the excitement surrounding his new solo project.

“For All The Dogs” is shaping up to be one of the year’s most anticipated albums. With its unique promotion strategy, personal touches, and the mystery surrounding its collaborations, the album is set to be a significant milestone in Drake’s illustrious career.

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