Johnny Drille Unveils His Lover Tomi Ojo In A Video Teaser For His New Single

Due to his activities on social media, Nigerian singer Johnny Drille has sparked speculation about a potential “ship” between him and actress Tomi Ojo. The pair was singing Johnny Drille’s “Believe Me” in a now-viral video, but due to the way they interacted with one another, many people on social media are speculating that there is a romantic relationship between them.

Internet users initially believed it to be a promotional video for Johnny Drille’s new single “Believe Me,” but when Tomi, best known for her role in Netflix’s “Far From Home,” shared more adorable pictures of them, it seemed more authentic. The Mavin Signee added that it is a full circle moment for them and referred to a tweet Tomi had posted in 2019—previous to their status as an “item”—in which she expressed her desire to carry his children.

Tomi also shared a beautiful video of their romantic moment in an elevator with Johnny’s arm around her in a different post.

In the wee hours of Tuesday, the musician revealed the song’s release with a teaser video. Drille sings about his love for Anwuli in the song “Believe Me.” The CEO of Mavins Records, Don Jazzy, contributed to and produced the song “Believe Me.” Additionally, the singer made a still-lyrical video for the song.

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