Kanayo O. Kanayo Outlines Why He Is A Senior To Pete Edochie In The Industry, Triggering Reactions

A well-known character in Nigerian cinema, Kanayo O Kanayo, has stirred up controversy on social media with his brash assertions of superiority over Pete Edochie, a cherished colleague.

Kanayo O Kanayo thunderously stated in a recent interview with Afia TV that people of his magnitude, such as Pete Edochie and others, should not be erased from the annals of Nollywood history as he did in his opening statement.

The 61-year-old actor asserted after researching the records that the groundbreaking achievements of renowned director Kenneth Nnebue in the 1990s cannot be exaggerated. He emphasized how important it was for Nnebue to be the first person to professionally produce home videos in 1992.

In order to further emphasize his position, Kanayo said that he and the other actors who starred in the 1992–1993 Nigerian two–part drama thriller film “Living in Bondage” were among the original Nollywood performers who entered the industry as real professionals before anyone else.

The renowned Nigerian film “Things Fall Apart,” from 1971, featuring the esteemed Pete Edochie, was a theatrical release, not a home video effort, according to Kanayo. The renowned actor declared that he would be willing to counter any assertion—from his coworkers included—that Pete Edochie established Nollywood before him.

Kanayo emphasized that the difference is not based on biological age by saying that while Pete started his career in movies before him, Edochie entered Nollywood four years later.

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