Kano Market Head Bans Traders From Listening To Davido’s Music

Kano Market head has banned traders from listening to Davido’s music and putting up his photos. Defaulters will reportedly be sanctioned.

Nigerian singer David Adeleke a.k.a Davido, is still receiving a lot of heat for “disrespecting” Muslims. The “Unavailable” singer had posted a video of his signee Logos Olori’s new song “Jaye Lo,” which featured Muslims dancing to the song.

It immediately sparked criticism on social media forcing him to delete the video. According to new reports, Muslims in Farm Centre GSM Market in Kano State have been banned from pasting photos and playing or listening to Davido’s music.

The ban was reportedly authorized by the leader of the market, Hassan Abubakar Bawasa. He warned that defaulters of the ban would be sanctioned.

The announcer went around the market with a megaphone announcing in Hausa, “Anybody who knows someone who pasted Davido’s picture in his shop, he should quickly remove and burn it because of his blasphemous act against the religion of Allah.”

“Playing Davido’s music, video, or sharing it is prohibited in Kano phone centres. Anybody found listening to his song will be sanctioned decisively. I convey you this message from Hassan Bawasa.” The singer is yet to address his fans on the issue.

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