Yo Gotti Will Let Fans Make A Buck From Their Own Versions Of “Dolla Fo’ Dolla”

Yo Gotti wants his fans to put their different verses on his song “Dolla fo Dolla” and make money off it!

The rapper says he wants his fans, especially aspiring artists in their own right, to create a verse on his song “Dolla Fo’ Dolla” and upload it where they please.

In doing so, Gotti says they are free to pocket any revenue made from their various versions. The “Down in the DM” rapper announced his creative initiative on Instagram, Sunday night.

“EVERY ARTIST DAT PUT A VERSE ON ‘Dolla Fo Dolla’ YOU CAN HAVE THE SONG,” Gotti captioned under a video of himself.

He went ahead: “You make the paper from it, I ain’t even trippin’. I own the masters of my record, I can do that shit for you. No label would ever do no shit like this.”

Gotti also shared on his Instagram page several responses to his initiative that he took a shine to, and even offered to cover their studio time, pay for their college tuition, as well as money for their commissary! Massive!

“Dolla Fo’ Dolla” is featured on Yo Gotti’s latest album, “CM:10 Free Game”, released last Friday. Watch Yo Gotti’s explanation of his “Dolla Fo’ Dolla” offer below, including some of his favourite responses:

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