Kanye West Has Been Offered $1 Billion For The “White Lives Matter” Trademark

Kanye West might still be able to make money by selling his White Lives Matter t-shirts, but doing so would be exceedingly expensive. The hosts of the weekly radio program Civic Cipher on racial justice, Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward, acquired legal ownership of the contentious slogan last month.

When the Black couple noticed that Kanye West was continuing to sell his clothes, they made the decision to apply for the trademark. While Ja and his co-host made it clear they aren’t actively attempting to sell the trademark, they are willing to put White Lives Matter behind them in exchange for a billion dollars to support groups that support the Black community.

“For us a billion dollars might do good with combatting voter impression initiatives… Bringing attention to environmental racism, bringing attention to police brutality,” said Ja.

During Paris Fashion Week, Kanye West donned a shirt bearing the text “White Lives Matter” on the back and an image of Pope John Paul II on the front, both of which were submitted as trademarks by an anonymous Civic Cipher listener. After that, they gave the pair their ownership.

Ja said that if anyone other than the two attempted to sell White Lives Matter shirts for profit, Kanye or anyone else will face the wrath of their attorneys.

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