Kanye West Splashes A Whooping $275K On New Gift For Chaney Jones

Photo credit: Punch/INSTAR

Pampering takes on a different meaning when you’re dating a multi-billionaire. In doubt? Feel free to ask model, Chaney Jones, who recently posted the gorgeous and pretty pricey new gift her boyfriend, Kanye West gifted her: a rare platinum silver Hermés Birkin bag worth an estimated $275,000.

In a new IG post, Chaney unveiled the bag, alongside an elegant bouquet of matching silver roses courtesy of Venus et Fleur, tagging Kanye and sweetly captioning the post “thanks bb”, with a black heart emoji next to it.

However, before Chaney could post about the new acquisition, it had already been blown out of the water by CEO of luxury handbag outfitter, Privé Porter Michelle Berk, who opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the rare sale.

“This is a very limited production bag that was only made in 2004,” she shared. “Other notable owners of this bag are Jeffree Star, who purchased from me, and Bella Hadid. It’s one of the most famous and sought-after Birkins in the world.”

She continued: “This bag has sold for as high as $300,000. Kanye’s team was adamant that they only wanted this bag, no substitutions. The timing was uncanny…and [Chaney] ended up being the first person to have something of this nature.”

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