Kelly Hansome Slams Babymama And Refers To Her As A “Runs Girl”

Nigerian artist Kelechi Orji, also known as Kelly Hansome, who lives in the US, claims that Ronke Moradeyo, the mother of his child, has prevented him from visiting her for the past five years. In 2016, the singer and his baby mother had a child together; however, they later went their own ways. Later, Kelly Hansome relocated to the US, where he now lives with his wife.

The musician claimed that his ex-girlfriend is a ‘runs’ girl and has been keeping their daughter away from him in a recent conversation with Daddy Freeze on Instagram. He bemoaned the fact that all of his efforts to hold his baby mama accountable had been in vain because she had demonstrated that she was unwilling to change.

In the previous year, Kelly also spilled some beans about his connection with his ex and how it harmed his career. Contrary to popular opinion, Kelly said during an Instagram live session that his career actually took a turn for the worse when he met Ronke Moradeyo through Timaya rather than when he left Kennis’ music amid controversy.

According to rumors, Ronke has not been in a healthy relationship since Handsome and Ronke broke up, even after ending their brief romance. Some things begin to make sense in light of his new insight.

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