Kelly Rowland Has A Chance To Return To “Today” Show After Dressing Room Drama

Recently, there has been surprising news surrounding Kelly Rowland. It was reported that she was invited to appear as a guest host on the show Today With Hoda & Jenny. However, at the last minute, she walked off from the show, allegedly due to the size of her dressing room. The incident caused a stir among the fans who accused her of being dramatic and creating drama. The story got so big that even Marlon Wayans had to take to social media to defend her.

However, the incident never got a full explanation, and there don’t seem to be any hard feelings for Rowland from either host. One of the hosts expressed her love and admiration for Kelly Rowland and extended an invitation for her to return to the show. The other host made a joke about the dressing room incident to close the segment.

Kelly Rowland was making the rounds on various shows because of her new movie, where she’s taking the lead role in a new Tyler Perry-helmed drama called Mea Culpa. The film had its premiere last week, and it was a star-studded outing with several celebrities in attendance. Among the headliners included Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who showed their support for Kelly. Queen B even took to Instagram later to give Kelly an extra shoutout.

Overall, the incident did not affect Kelly’s new movie’s promotion, and she received lots of support from her fans and fellow celebrities, showing that she is a highly respected figure in the entertainment industry.

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