David Sabastian X DJ Drama Together On Epic New Mixtape Gangsta Grillz: Dj Drama Presents David Sabastian “God Save The Rave”

Today, L.A.-bred rapper, producer, designer, and all-around visionary David Sabastian joins forces with the legendary Grammy-winner DJ Drama for an explosive, luminous new mixtape entitled Gangsta Grillz: DJ Drama Presents David Sabastian “God Save The Rave.” It marks David’s very first collaboration with Drama and serves as a worthy entry into the extensive canon of Gangsta Grillz releases. The tape arrives with an artistic statement video for “Success is the Greatest Revenge” that’s gripping and bold. Watch HERE.

Listen to Gangsta Grillz: DJ Drama Presents David Sabastian “God Save The Rave” HERE:

Via Believe In Yourself Records/BPG Music/Warner Records.

About the mixtape, DJ Drama commented, “It’s a privilege to collaborate with David Sabastian, a respected LA rapper, designer, disruptor and all around visionary. His diversity and creativity is exactly what the Gangsta Grillz brand represents..”

The tape opens with the single “Success Is The Greatest Revenge.” On the track, horns swoon through a jazz-y sample as the piano gives way to anxious 808s. Mirroring this motion, David’s cadence dives from a delicate murmur into a lyrical barrage as he promises, “Success is the greatest revenge, shit is so real I’m’a say it again.

Elsewhere, he storms into “the moshpit” on “God Saved The Rave” as he proclaims through warbling autotune, “I’m turned up; I ain’t going to no office.” In between whispers, he urges “If you see a snake, cut its head off” during the menacingly catchy “Snakes.” Fittingly, the mixtape concludes with the triumphant verbal onslaught of “Miklatski Story” where he recounts his visionary grind up to this point in vivid detail. Full tracklisting below.

He initially paved the way for the project with “The Devil Is A Liar. Right out of the gate, HotNewHipHop applauded, “The three-minute and 44-second long track is filled with plenty of insightful bars.

“The Devil Is A Liar” landed in the wake of “Beyoncé’s Perfect.”


  1. Success Is The Greatest Revenge
  2. Do It Like That
  3. God Saved The Rave
  4. The Devil Is A Liar
  5. Snakes
  6. Pistol In My Lap
  7. Specialty
  8. Miklatski Story

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