Korra Obidi Blasts Those Who Call Child Services To Take Her Children Away

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer and singer based in the US, recently went viral on social media after a video of her venting angrily hit the internet. In a recent live session, the mother of two was shown expressing how, despite not posting pictures of her girls online in months, some people have continued to report her to child protective services and made attempts to paint her as a horrible mother.

June Dean and Athena Dean’s parents, Korra and ex-husband Justin Dean, were forbidden from sharing videos, images, or live streams of their kids on social media in a court document dated January 19th, 2022. Korra claims she is unaware of what she did to these individuals to give them permission to attempt to take her children away from her.

She used abusive language against persons she accused of filing a child services report against her and accusing her of physically assaulting her daughters. The enraged belly dancer explained that she couldn’t comprehend why these “miserable and lunatic” individuals were hell-bent on hurting her life by filing continuous reports to child services.

Over the past few months, the mother of two has continued to adjust to her new life as a single parent. More power to her.

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