Lil Durk Allegedly Works With His Lookalike For "Blocklist" Music Video

In the world of doppelgangers, celebrity look-alikes are the real MVPs. And further proving that to be a fact lately, there has been several reports of some celebrity doppelgangers cashing out using their unique looks that easily sway the fans of the real celebs they resemble.

Even Drake himself had to laugh it off when he learnt that his look-alike was busy booking club appearances and small-scale shows. He just let the man get his coin while he could. The same has also been happening with Lil Durk of late, where a striking look-alike of his has been a topic for a hot minute.

Popular TikToker, who also has an Instagram account with the name “Shmurkioo”, has been making the rounds since a video he shared went viral. Apparently, Durkio caught wind of his doppelganger’s flex, online and off, and allegedly decided to put his matching looks to good use.

In a new clip posted by Durk was a teaser for “Blocklist”, a track off his new 7220 LP, and it allegedly features none other than Shmurkioo, his look-alike on set for the song’s visual. In the post’s caption, the rapper wrote, “PERKIO shooting block list with the real Jerry.” He added, “This might be the biggest ish 2022.”

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