Lil Durk’s Lookalike Shows Up Online

Lil Durk has just found himself in a world of lookalikes.

Rapper, Lil Durk, has had cause to be in the news even prior to the release of his latest album, 7220, that quickly became a commercial success, becoming his first solo project to peak atop the Billboard Hot 200 albums. Lately, he also performed a couple of tracks off his new album on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show alongside old-time collaborator, Future.

Now, Durkio has his name on the headlines again for a different reason. This time someone who shares a very striking semblance with the rapper just rolled out, and even Durk himself is shook.

An Instagram user that goes by the name “@schmurkiooo_”, who is also a popular TikToker was spotted in a video hanging with a girl, apparently his love interest, and who also shared the video.

Apart from the pair appearing to be having a great time as can be seen in the clip, the young man had looks that matched Lil Durk’s, from his facial structure and features to his hair (also long locs tinted brown), even down to his smile. The pair also had a track from Durk’s new album playing in the background, which is to say they are fans too.

Still think doppelgangers aren’t a thing? Check out the IG clip below.

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