Lil Kim Is Set To Produce Her Own Biopic

47-year old iconic rapper, Lil Kim, has announced she will be having her biopic made in ensuring months. The rapper will be joining the long list of celebrities who have had their biopics produced. She made the announcement while hosting Notorious B.I.G’s 50th birthday celebration on a Twitter space. Responding to a question from The New York Post, the legendary rapper revealed that a dramatic retelling of her life and career is already in the works, stopping short of a release date.

Revealing the movie would hold nothing back about her private life, the rapper stated that everyone would get to know about her secret desires and mostly every other thing they have learned little about. The artist has also announced that the movie will follow her upcoming memoir closely, detailing her undying affection for the late NOTORIOUS B.I.G. and the journey she has endured as an artist for thirty years.

If recent traits of biopic are anything to go by, there is every reason to believe Lil Kim’s memoir would form the script for her biopic. She has, however, refused to share the stage at which the production of either the biography or the biopic is. She has also declined to disclose who would be playing the titular role in the biopic. There are, however, rumours of another appearance for actress Naturi Naughton following her starring role as Lil Kim in Biggie’s 2009 biopic, Notorious.

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