Logic Confronts His Father About His Huge $850K Home Request

When you truly think about it, the adage “more money, more problems” makes a lot of sense. Depending on your socioeconomic status, you will face different problems. This is something veteran US rapper, Logic, relates to on every level.

The rapper has to deal with taking care of others and making wise decisions in large business, even though he makes more money than the average person. The Maryland MC has discussed this topic on multiple occasions.

Regarding his difficult childhood in a large family, he has been rather forthcoming. Sir Robert Bryson Hall, the father of logic, has particularly been a touchy subject. It’s safe to assume that their relationship hasn’t been easy.

After his father had asked his son for $850,000 so he could buy a house, the seasoned songwriter became quite emotional with him. In order to collaborate on music recordings, his dad, who plays in a band, desired a location. As a result of not wanting to see him waste it, Logic informed his father that he was unwilling to do it.

Logic doesn’t seem to have had the opportunity to speak with him in this manner previously. I hope things work out and they can have a stronger relationship than they have.

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