Seun Kuti Reveals He Renovated Panti Cell Following Arrest; Creates Controversy With Naira Marley Claim

After being jailed for slapping a police officer, Seun Kuti talked openly about his renovations to Panti Cell. In a viral video, the Afrobeat musician disclosed that he had refurbished the toilet, floor, wall, and shower at the block at Panti Cell he stayed in. However, he stirred controversy when he claimed Naira Marley and other potential inmates would appreciate his philanthropic work. Seun Kuti emphasized that his intention was not to glorify his actions or encourage others to follow suit but to shed light on the poor conditions in Nigerian prisons. He hoped his efforts would inspire authorities to prioritize prison reform and ensure humane treatment for all inmates, regardless of their status or influence.

However, his statements already sparked debate, particularly when he named specific people. He continued by saying that people like troubled Naira Marley and others who would wind up in the cell would appreciate his philanthropic activity. Seun’s remark elicited different responses from online users.

Seun said,

“I gave my people money to renovate that cell, to change the toilet, shower, and paint the walls. I paid for it out of my pocket because I realized I could end up back there tomorrow. At least, Naira (Naira Marley) can enjoy my charity there.

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