Portable Reveals Why He Didn’t Completely Knock Out Charles Okocha In Their Boxing Match

According to street-hop musician Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage as Portable, if he had been at his peak during their previous boxing battle, he would have killed Charles Okocha or seriously injured him. The singer described the incident in a video that went viral on social media, claiming that he had just finished performing at a show before he got into a fight with Okocha.

According to Portable, the fact that he was too tired from the previous performance might have been a lucky brake that kept him from giving Okocha his all. He brazenly said that if he hadn’t gone for his show which preceded the boxing match, he would have used every resource at his disposal to knock Okocha out cold, possibly killing him.

On the other hand, Charles Okocha has maintained that the game was rigged and has refused to accept defeat. In an attempt to determine who the real champion is, he and his team have even gone so far as to demand a rematch.

The Nollywood actor seems to have no definition of defeat in his dictionary, as he keeps contesting Portable’s declaration as the winner of their most recent boxing battle.

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