Magnito Shares Controversial Take On Female Artists And Their Talent Management In Podcast

Conversations about female musicians and their management have taken centre stage on social media as well-known Nigerian rapper Mohammed Usman Adamu, also known as Magnito, revealed some shocking facts about female musicians in the business, particularly those whose followers identify as single. He adopted a contentious stance when he suggested that “boyfriends” oversee the “most successful female artists” in Nigeria. He asserted that because these female musicians keep their relationships private, fans are ignorant of the trend that has taken a foothold in the Nigerian music business. Magnito’s statement sparked a heated debate within the industry, with many questioning the validity of his claims. While it is true that some female artists choose to keep their personal lives private, it is unfair to assume that their success is solely dependent on their relationships.

Magnito said,
 “Most of the successful female artists you see, the person managing them is their boyfriend. They might not put it in the public. But most of them… Call any name.”

It is important to acknowledge and celebrate artists’ talent and hard work rather than let their personal lives overshadow their accomplishments. Recently, the ‘Canada’ crooner made the statement on the Terms & Conditions podcast, which received mixed reactions on social media. While some agreed with him, even citing examples, others criticized him for making generalizations. These differing opinions highlight the subjective nature of evaluating how personal relationships impact an artist’s success. It’s crucial to understand that individuals have unique perspectives and experiences, and therefore, we need to focus on an artist’s talent and hard work.

Magnito Shares Controversial Take On Female Artists And Their Talent Management In Podcast, Yours Truly, News, April 21, 2024

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