Maren Morris Kicks Country Music To The Curb

Country singer Maren Morris says she’s leaving the genre that made her famous, “I’ve said everything I can say.”

Singer Maren Morris has had an impressive career in the country music scene, but that isn’t enough for the star to stick around any longer. She recently released a new two-track EP titled “The Bridge.” With the title, she imagines channeling a path out of the Country music scene.

She opened up about how she’s felt for some time now. In one track, “The Tree,” she sings, “I’m done filling a cup with a hole in the bottom / I’m taking an axe to the tree / The rot at the roots is the root of the problem.” She goes on to say it has broken her heart “more than anyone could” and that “Trying to stop me won’t do you no good.” She also sings of a new beginning.

In “Get the Hell Out of Here,” she admits she “watered the garden but forgot to fill the well.”

She spoke about the genre, saying, “I thought I’d like to burn it to the ground and start over. But it’s burning itself down without my help.”

She spoke to the Los Angeles Times about distancing herself from the genre amid its recent success. “the stories going on within country music right now, I’ve tried to avoid a lot of it at all costs. I feel very, very distanced from it.” She continued, “I had to take a step back. The way I grew up was so wrapped in country music, and the way I write songs is very lyrically structured in the Nashville way of doing things.”


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