Meek Mill Is Starting His Own Weed Strain Despite Confessing That Drugs Make Him ‘Depressed’

Despite having previously stated that he has problems with marijuana, Meek Mill has disclosed plans to release his own strain of the plant.

The Philadelphia rapper posted on Instagram on Thursday, January 4, writing, “Of course I’m starting a weed strand to go along with the new album!” below a picture of himself visiting what looked to be a cannabis dispensary.

His proposal runs counter to earlier remarks Meek has made on marijuana, such as the claim that it has a detrimental effect on his mental health. Meek promised to quit using pot after Snoop Dogg announced last year that he was going to stop (which turned out to be a publicity stunt).

The Dream Chasers rapper has acknowledged his history of drug addiction and his daily Percocet use. Since then, Meek has been able to break a few bad habits, and he just rang in the New Year by giving some guidance to young people.

While specifics about his upcoming album are still lacking, Meek recently raised anticipation by claiming that the track’s lead single will “top” his beloved 2012 hit “Dreams & Nightmares (Intro).”

The new album will be the sequel to November’s Too Good To Be True, a full-length project he co-wrote with Rick Ross, the head of the MMG label and a longtime collaborator.

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