Megan Thee Stallion Reveals She Removed “Certain Lyrics” From Chart-Topping Diss Track “Hiss”

Megan Thee Stallion’s latest track, “HISS,” has been making waves in the music industry, claiming the number-one spot on the Billboard charts in America. The song is a fiery response to Megan’s critics, where she unloads on everyone who has ever wronged her during her years in the public eye. In the song, she aims at Nicki Minaj and others who have criticized her. Although many of her fans have been focusing on her jabs at Nicki, Megan revealed on a recent Instagram livestream that the song could have been even more vicious. She claimed that the released version was already condensed and packed with ferocity, leaving her fans to imagine what else she could have said.

Interestingly, Nicki was not the only one who responded to “HISS.”. Her fans, also known as Barbz, were quick to express their opinions on social media. Although only a few lines in “HISS” were about Nicki, she didn’t take it lightly. Nicki Minaj responded with a diss track called “Big Foot,” which mentions Megan multiple times, even though Megan never used Nicki’s name in “HISS.”. She spent the entire weekend after the release of “HISS,” making hundreds of tweets about Megan and releasing the diss track. Despite the hype around “Big Foot,” it has been a disappointment on the charts. It premiered at number 23 with fewer tracking days and has been freefalling. Meanwhile, “HISS” reigns at the top of Spotify’s US Daily Chart, even after four weeks.

The slip in “Big Foot’s” popularity is a bad sign for its performance on the Hot 100 chart next week. Even as the feud between the two musicians has intensified, fans eagerly await what happens next. For now, Meg Thee Stallion leads this round.

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