Michael Jackson: Three Songs From Singer’s Posthumous Album Removed From Stream Platforms

The estate of the late pop icon Michael Jackson has decided to remove the songs “Breaking News,” “Monster,” and “Keep Your Head Up,” all from his 2010 eponymous album “Michael,” from streaming platforms over claims he didn’t sing them.

The posthumous album contained ten songs, and with the taking down of three of them, only seven are now available on streaming platforms, from Spotify to Apple Music.

According to s spokesperson for the official website of the pop icon, the decision to take down the songs had nothing to do with their authenticity. However, the decision to take down the numbers was made because the estate of the late musician, as well as Sony Music, which manages the rights to Michael Jackson’s catalogue, believed the continuing conversation about those songs was distracting Michael Jackson fans from focusing on the impressive musical legacy the songster left behind.

Michael Jackson’s estate would prefer the public not to read any meaning into the decision to pull the songs from streaming platforms.

Until his death, Michael Jackson mesmerised the musical universe with his dance steps and music. It may have been over a decade since his death, but his legacy hums. He already has a secure place in the world of music.

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