Mohbad’s Controversy: Primeboy Speaks Out Amidst Accusations

he Unfolding Drama Surrounding the Death of Singer Mohbad

The music industry has been rife with tension and speculation following the tragic death of popular singer Oladimeji IleriOluwa, better known as Mohbad. Central to the controversy is singer Owodunni Ibrahim, popularly known as Primeboy, who was declared wanted by the Lagos State Police Command in connection with Mohbad’s death.

In a recent interview with TVC News, Primeboy vehemently denied allegations of involvement in Mohbad’s death. He expressed his shock at being declared wanted and refuted claims that he had been previously invited by the Lagos State Police for questioning. “That’s a big lie. How will I receive a message from the Police and I will refuse them? Even before this ‘wanted issue’, I wanted to explain myself at the station because people started accusing me wrongly,” he stated. Primeboy further revealed that he had considered turning himself in even before the police’s declaration, but was advised to await a formal invitation.

Primeboy delved into his close relationship with the late singer, describing the depth of their bond. “I was his step-mother, I was his dad, I was his friend, he lived with me. My mum fed both of us,” he shared. This revelation paints a picture of a deep-rooted friendship, making the accusations against Primeboy even more perplexing to fans and the general public.

Primeboy didn’t hold back in pointing fingers. He directly accused Mohbad’s wife of framing him online, adding to the layers of complexity surrounding the case. “I want Justice for Mohbad. His wife framed me online,” Primeboy claimed.

The Lagos State Police Command, through its spokesperson, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed Primeboy’s custody. Hundeyin stated that Primeboy had been taken in for “interrogation and other necessary actions” regarding Mohbad’s death. The police have assured the public of a thorough investigation, emphasizing that all individuals found culpable in Mohbad’s death will face the full force of the law.

The unfolding drama has left fans, fellow artists, and the general public in a state of shock and disbelief. With Primeboy’s recent revelations and the police’s ongoing investigations, many are eagerly awaiting clarity on the events leading up to Mohbad’s tragic demise.

As the story continues to develop, the music industry and fans worldwide hope for justice and a resolution that honors the memory of Mohbad.

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