Lil Wayne And Nas Proudly Display Their Daughters At The Hip Hop 50 Billboard Event

At a recent red carpet event, rappers Lil Wayne and Nas shared a sweet family moment with their children. By holding the 2023 hip hop and RnB Power Players Awards in Los Angeles, Billboard paid tribute to rap pioneers Lil Wayne and Nas. These rappers, as well as the newest kid on the block, Ice Spice, and numerous music executives, received awards at the event on August 8 at Novo.

In a sweet video shared by @RapHubDaily, Nas and Wayne brought their daughters, who are dearest to them, and they strutted the red carpet.

The Grammy Award winners reacted to the honors, which was bestowed by Billboard’s Executive Director of R&B/Hip Hop, Gail Mitchell. Wayne began his acceptance speech by thanking “the man up above” and “those that we lost.” The “A Milli” emcee also praised his followers.

Nas later took the stage and reminisced on the genre’s journey and successes over the last five decades. He appreciated being able to earn awards in his third prime. Nas also stated that his initial reason for rapping was not a desire for attention, but rather a genuine love of music.

Nas and Wayne are the inaugural members of Billboard’s Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

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