Mayorkun Reveals Reason For Hiding Mum’s Fame As An Actress For A Long Time

In a viral podcast interview, Mayorkun, a well-known Nigerian singer, boldly expressed his initial disdain for his mother’s success as an actress and her connections to the film industry. As a young man, he was offended by the disingenuous acts that came with his mother’s notoriety and kept her name, Toyin Adewale, a secret for a prolonged period. The viral clip of the interview sparked a variety of reactions from viewers.

In an interview with Taymesan that went viral over the weekend, the former DMW signee, Mayorkun, stated that he was pursuing his popularity and didn’t want to be treated better anywhere. In a widely shared video online, the singer said he never disclosed his mother’s identity to his classmates. Mayorkun claimed that he and his sibling merely wanted the freedom to live their own lives and that his mother’s notoriety was a result of eye-service-seeking people giving her phoney attention. Mayorkun also voiced his annoyance at the unceasing curiosity and scrutiny of being the famous mother’s kid.

In his words,

“Growing up, my brother and I didn’t like the fact that our mom was a popular actress because we wanted freedom, but with her fame came fake attention and all. I hated being treated differently, not because you like me but because I am Toyin Adewale’s son. Even in my university, people didn’t know she was my mother for four years. I was intentional about this. My mum brought food to me at school once, and a girl saw her. I quickly ran to her to get what she came with just so no one else saw her.”

Mayorkun Reveals Reason For Hiding Mum'S Fame As An Actress For A Long Time, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

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