An Eyewitness-Nurse Describes Mohbad’s Final Moments, Eliciting Mixed Reactions

A woman shares the heartbreaking story of how musician Mohbad sadly lost his life in a video that has gone viral on Instagram. The eyewitness, a nurse by profession, claimed in this suspenseful video that Mohbad’s life was sadly cut short after being struck by a poisonous charm.

The nurse elaborates on her story, recalling that she and other medical staff members were there at the hospital when Mohbad was hurriedly rushed in, and the singer was displaying great discomfort, visibly shaking. She claimed that when they first examined him, doctors thought he could have malaria and started giving him numerous medications, including injections, to try to improve his health.

Sadly, they were not aware that eerie forces were at work at the time. According to the nurse, who claimed to be close to the late musician, Mohbad was trying to break up a fight when his suspected attacker cunningly used the opportunity to place a juju charm on him.

In similar news, a woman’s forecast that the late musician Mohbad will pass away suddenly in November 2022 has drawn a lot of attention online. In November 2022, the girl known as debbie_goddez on Instagram posted her dream of Mohbad’s tragic dying. She continued to pray for the singer, expressing her wish that he would not pass away too soon.

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