Mr Eazi Launches Pan-African Music Group, Choplife Soundsystem

Blending Afrobeats and Jamaican Dancehall for a Unique Sound

Mr Eazi, a musician and entrepreneur of Nigerian descent, has announced the formation of Choplife Soundsystem, a new pan-African music group. DJ Edu, who was born in Kenya and now resides in the United Kingdom, will serve as the group’s resident DJ, alongside a variety of DJs, performers, and producers from across the continent. As the group’s primary vocalist on recordings and MC at live events, Mr Eazi strives to introduce the world to the finest of African music.

Choplife Soundsystem derives its name from the popular West African pidgin phrase “chop life,” which means to appreciate life. The inclusion of “soundsystem” honors the traditional Jamaican music culture, which consists of mobile crews of DJs and MCs supported by a prominent local musicologist. These groups perform music at events such as street gatherings and festivals.

With Choplife Soundsystem, Mr. Eazi intends to combine afrobeats and Jamaican dancehall to create a sound that will introduce a brand-new experience to music lovers around the globe. The group’s mission is to create music that uplifts the spirit and unites people by blending genres from different regions of the continent.

Mr. Eazi’s talent and ambition have propelled his successful career in African music and his entrepreneurial endeavors, such as establishing the revolutionary music streaming platform emPawa Africa. As the leader of Choplife Soundsystem, his illustrious career will bring this new group of aspiring African musicians invaluable success.

Choplife Soundsystem seeks to promote positivity through music in addition to creating music. Mr. Eazi’s optimistic outlook is reflected in the group’s name, which represents his message to appreciate life. Choplife Soundsystem’s music is intended to communicate directly to the heart, uplifting and inspiring listeners worldwide.

The variety of African performers, DJs, and producers in the group ensures that the music they create represents the continent’s sounds. By combining various musical styles and genres, Choplife Soundsystem hopes to create a new sound that is distinctively African and resonates with music fans around the globe.

Choplife Soundsystem has already attracted the interest and enthusiasm of African music enthusiasts. With Mr Eazi’s leadership and the group’s talented roster, they are positioned to make a significant local and international impact on the music industry. Their uplifting message and distinctive sound are certain to captivate global audiences, spawning a new tide of African music that celebrates the continent’s diversity and talent.

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