My Cherie EP “Healing” Out Friday

My Cherie is today delivering a 6 track concept EP, Healing, having recently provided us two cuts from work, that demonstrate the diverse nature of this human experience, the extended player provides a deep exploration of the process of healing.

The tracks follow the journey of My Cherie, the moniker of Cherie de Klerk, as she travelled through a hard season. They provided the comfort and expression of growth that was needed at that time. The markers of personal triumph, breakthrough and the battle that that growth pertained has been captured as she’s conquered some realisations of her life. Healing is not a shiny, glossy task, and the courage it takes to challenge and change mindsets is something that Cherie wanted the listener to find within the songs.

We’ve already heard cuts from the release, with singles Healing in the Glimmer Sun and Playing These Games providing two different soundscapes of late night anxiety to early morning contentment and everything in between. With the EP comes a gorgeous multi-artform clip for the new single Winter Ocean, breaking realities with a 3 minute art-piece that visually captures the flower metaphor and healing concept that summarises and rounds up the journey of ‘Healing EP’.

Healing Track Listing :

  1. Holding On
  2. Healing in the Glimmer Sun
  3. Butterfly
  4. Playing These Games
  5. I Will Lead You Home
  6. Winter Ocean


My Cherie is the moniker of Cherie de Klerk, creates a mixture of ethereal, jazz-inspired guitar, loops, atmospheric synth and hip hop groove, topped with angelic vocals. Her sound also features touches of dream pop and some nods towards influences like Tash Sultana, Matt Corby and the vocals of Kate Miller-Heidke. With an electrifying, unforgettable energy that has seen audiences enthralled with her unique, award-winning live shows, My Cherie continues to build on that buzz.

“Ok this is just lovely though isn’t it? Your vocals remind me of one of my favourite Australian bands, Alpine. So chill, so smooth.” – Tommy Faith, triple j unearthed

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