Kanye West Demands The Music Industry Refer To Him As “Ye”

American rapper, Kanye West, has formally requested that the music industry exclusively use his legally changed name, ‘Ye’ to address him.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Kanye’s chief of staff, sent an extensive letter outlining this request to important industry players, like music publishers, streaming providers, and lyric websites. Ye’s statement emphasizes his personal motivations for changing the name, which go beyond simple rebranding to represent his individuality and self-determination.

It was not an easy decision to drop Kanye West in favor of Ye. Ye considers his birth name to be a “slave name,” according to the letter that TMZ was able to obtain, and he wants to completely stop using it for both personal and professional purposes. His ambition for independence and to rebuild his identity according to his own standards is reflected in this brave step.

Despite errors in his understanding of the name’s frequency in the Bible, the Grammy-winning musician changed his name formally in October 2021. This was a long-awaited choice that was motivated by the name’s biblical associations. Ye is not the first entertainer to significantly alter their moniker.

Artists like Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Bow Wow, and Ke$ha have all undergone comparable changes in the music business. These adjustments typically denote a new stage in the professional or personal life of the artist, indicating development, evolution, or a change in creative direction.

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