NBA YoungBoy Says Jay-Z Cannot Outrap Him

NBA YoungBoy asserted his claim as a lyricist, claiming that Jay-Z was unable to out-rap him while he tried to make a completely unrelated point about the Brooklyn great. The comment, which was thought to be directed at former protege No Cap, was included in a string of Instagram Stories shared on Thursday night (November 17) by the official Never Broke Again, LLC account.

It’s unknown what sparked the conflict between the two rappers, but according to XXL, NBA YoungBoy’s side of the argument posted a hidden message that set off the verbal exchanges. This idea seems to have been carried over into the Jay-Z remark, which appeared to cast doubt on NBA YoungBoy or No Cap’s rap skills.

Fans mistakenly believed that NBA YoungBoy himself was telling the stories published on the Never Broke Again account since they were all written in the first person. The posts continued to reference a time when No Cap had shown himself to be disloyal by bringing Quando Rondo into the conversation.

No Cap subtly addressed the strikes by defending himself and attributing the entire exchange to “hate,” while exaggerating the impression that this kind of behavior is typical of NBA YoungBoy. NBA YoungBoy has contributed to several No Cap songs, most recently “Flags To The Sky” on the album Mr. Crawford.

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