NBA YoungBoy To Receive “Crazy Bag” From Floyd Mayweather Amid Trending “Fatherhood” Comment

On Saturday, January 27th, Floyd Mayweather posted a somewhat cryptic message for NBA Youngboy on Instagram. In the post, the boxing champ flaunted stacks of cash, which he claimed were intended for the under-house-arrest Louisiana rapper. Despite the large sum, Mayweather did not disclose why he offered the money. While driving in his Rolls Royce, Mayweather showed off two Louis Vuitton cases filled with cash. However, the exact amount of money involved in the cases remains unknown. Although he closed the comment section under the Instagram post, he tagged his daughter Yaya and her three-year-old son, KJ, who is Youngboy’s child.

“And the bag is crazy. NBA Youngboy, you see all this; it’s on its way to you. Let’s go.”

The post quickly garnered attention, receiving over 130k likes within two hours. After media houses reposted Floyd’s video messages, users offered their theories for the large cash offer in the comments section. However, NBA Youngboy has yet to respond to the post.

Now, here’s one angle to look at this:

Recently, in an interview with Bootleg Kev, Youngboy expressed that fatherhood is not his top priority, but he does bond with his children, spending most of his time inside his home studio creating music. He says that creating music keeps him sane. However, it is unclear where his co-parenting relationship with Yaya Mayweather stands. KJ, Youngboy’s son with Yaya Mayweather, recently celebrated his third birthday on January 5th, with his mother sharing a sweet montage of videos featuring herself, KJ, and Floyd. However, there was no mention of Youngboy in the video. Currently, NBA Youngboy is on house arrest and staying with his wife of one year, Jazlyn Michelle. The couple welcomed their second child in September 2022.

Well, on this news, I hope you’re putting the ones and twos together…?



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