Nigerian Rapper, Reminisce, Draws The Line Against Online Trolling

Remilekun Safaru, also known as Reminisce, a Nigerian artist, has advised social media bullies against chasing clout with his family. A user responded on Reminisce’s latest tweet on X, questioning if the rapper posted the remark because he had recently received the results of a DNA test.

“Hope no be DNA result you check,” the user remarked.

In reaction, the rapper stated that he would not allow anyone manipulating his family to gain social media prominence. He went on to say that he would “fish out” anyone who did so, even if they sought to hide behind hashtags.

Reminisce’s caution to internet trolls serves as a reminder of the need of maintaining personal boundaries on social media, while the announcement of his new album has piqued the interest of fans eagerly anticipating his latest musical offering. The rapper’s devotion to protecting his family’s privacy highlights the need of appropriate and respectful online behavior.

Reminisce has maintained his prominence since his debut in the music industry in 2006. He rose to status following the publication of his first and second singles, ‘Ever Since’ and ‘If Only’. The rapper is also well-known for his acting abilities, having appeared in the action drama ‘King of Boys’ directed by Kemi Adetiba. He has also garnered numerous awards for his talent.

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