Odumodublvck Admits He Turned Down A $200K Record Deal To Join Teezee’s NATIVE For $10K

Before signing with his current label, NATIVE, Nigerian rapper Tochukwu Ojogwu Gbugbemi aka Odumodublvck turned down a recording contract for $200,000. He claimed that he was offered $200k to join a group of music industry professionals’ label, but he turned them down and chose to sign with Teezee of DRB Lasgidi’s NATIVE Records instead.

Before performing at a recent gig in Abuja, where he began his music career, Odumodublvck made the announcement. The singer of “Picanto” claimed that recording music has never been about the money for him and he was happy that his decision had paid off.

The 29-year-old rapper claims that people are now talking about him in Lagos, Abuja, and other regions of Nigeria. In September 2023, the Hip Hop musician signed with Def Jam Recordings, an American international record company. Videos that spread like wild online showed Odumodu at Def Jam’s corporate headquarters in New York, USA, where the signing took place.

The singer of “Declan Rice,” who was warmly welcomed, spoke about how hip-hop greats like 2pac, DMX, and 50 Cent had a big impact on his love of the music. The rapper talked about how he incorporated elements of 50 Cent’s distinctive sound into his songs and how adhering to the G-Unit idea gave rise to his strong crew, which he highly values.

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