Nollywood’s Hanks Anuku Reveals Depression Turned Him To An Alcoholic; Solicits Help

The seasoned Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku has said that his heavy drinking habit—not drugs—has been caused by depression. In response to reports that he was a drug addict, the seasoned actor said that he doesn’t use drugs but has used liquor as a comfort when he feels down. He disclosed that he was having a lot of financial difficulties and that he had received a plot of land in Abuja intending to start a film school, but he was unable to proceed due to a lack of funding, which caused him to become depressed. Anuku underlined once more that everybody can experience depression, regardless of their circumstances or level of achievement in life. He hopes that by sharing his struggles, he can raise awareness about the importance of mental health and encourage others to seek help when needed.

He shared a video on his Instagram feed, @ha1962anukuha, which disclosed this. Anuku admitted to drinking beer but not using solid narcotics. In addition, he revealed the specifics of his financial hardships and expressed gratitude to his supporters. Anuku acknowledged his supporters’ steadfast support during his trying moments and expressed gratitude for their love and encouragement. He made it clear in the video that, despite his financial difficulties, he is still committed to overcoming barriers and achieving personal development.

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