Odumodublvck Reflects On His Drug Use When He Was A UNILAG Student And Offers Advice

Renowned Nigerian rapper, Odumodublvck, recently opened out about his experiences with drugs during his time as a 2014 University of Lagos (UNILAG) student.

The rapper took a minute during a live concert to discuss the risks associated with substance usage and the personal development he had as a result of his own struggles with cocaine. He talked about how his experiments with crack started when he was still at UNILAG, but that one fateful day while using the drug, he had to stop and think about what he was doing.

It was a moment that taught him an important lesson. Inspiring others to consider their own goals and decisions, Odumodublvck underlined the significance of considering whether the path one is taking is ultimately worthwhile.

In addition, Odumodublvck recently claimed to be the most peaceful Afrobeats artist. The announcement occurred following a heated debate ignited by influencer Mbah about the current feud between two of Nigeria’s top music singers, Davido and Wizkid. When social media influencer Mbah asked his fans a simple yet intriguing question, the social media platform erupted.

This question elicited a barrage of replies and opinions from music lovers and fans throughout the site. Odumodublvck, on the other hand, jumped into the public eye, seizing the opportunity to lay his claim to the title as Afrobeats’ most peace-loving personality.

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