P-Square’s Rudeboy Offers Free Depression Prevention Advice To Emerging Artists

Famous Nigerian artist Paul Okoye, better known by his stage name Rudeboy, one half of the popular P-Square duo, has given some wise counsel to other musicians, advising them to put in a lot of effort and make calculated investment choices in light of the difficulties facing the nation’s music business.

Rudeboy shared his two cents on his Instagram story, highlighting the struggles that artists encounter, particularly given the widespread problem of depression in the music business. Rudeboy insisted that investing more broadly during an artist’s peak could help them “avoid stories that touch.”

In an open statement, Paul Okoye asked fellow musicians to take initiative in safeguarding their financial prospects and shared a heartbreaking narrative to express his dissatisfaction. Noting the difficult obstacles that musicians face in the fast-paced and demanding music industry, he emphasized the value of making investments.

P-Square'S Rudeboy Offers Free Depression Prevention Advice To Emerging Artists, Yours Truly, News, March 2, 2024

Paul Okoye’s response comes in the wake of more sick entertainers turning to the internet to seek for financial support. Recently, the online community donated money for Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu’s surgery involving an eventual leg amputation, which was trying to be averted.

Furthermore, 61-year-old veteran actor Amaechi Monagor has also been pleading with people for assistance as he fights diabetes, kidney failure, and stroke.

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