Davido’s Smash Hit, “Unavailable,” Hits A 100M YouTube Views

The popular song “Unavailable” by Nigerian Afrobeats singer, Davido, is still going strong around the world. It has surpassed 100 million plays on YouTube, making it the artist’s fourth single to get 100 million views on the platform.

Musa Keys, a South African phenomenon, appears on the popular tune. Just one year ago, on April 11, 2023, the video was released in support of one of the tracks from Davido’s groundbreaking album “Timeless,” which has achieved widespread acclaim worldwide.

With over 100 million views for the music video, the song joins “If,” “Fall,” and “FIA,” three of Davido’s 2017 hits, to become his fourth single to reach the 100 million stream milestone. After ‘Unavailable’ became popular, Davido collaborated with American rapper Latto and Jamaican Dancehall artist Sean Paul on a remix EP. ‘Unavailable’ by Davido was the most streamed Afrobeats song released in 2023, and Rihanna declared it to be her favorite single of the year.

In addition, after the song received 15 million streams in France, it received a SNEP Gold plaque. More recently, he was questioned about the extent of communication with Wiz and Burna when he appeared on SWAY’s show to promote his MSG concert.

Davido disclosed that although they all have each other’s contact details, they don’t talk to one other very often due to their busy schedules.

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