Ex-spouse Of Sina Rambo Confirms Divorce And Offers Diamond Ring Free Of Charge

Heidi, Sina Rambo’s ex-wife, has declared that she will give away her diamond wedding ring without charge to any couple in light of the fact that they have been legally separated. The ex-wife of Davido’s cousin Sina Rambo, Heidi Korth, recently confirmed that they are now legally separated in a post.

According to Heidi, she made the decision to donate her diamond wedding band to any couple that is getting married but has not yet purchased a ring. She requested that anyone who might be interested email her a copy of their wedding invitation so she could confirm there was a wedding.

Before this, Heidi had stated around December of last year that her marriage had failed, giving the reasons why. As she accused her estranged husband and his sister of abusing her, Heidi claimed that the reason her marriage failed was because she could not be a victim of abuse. In her Instagram story, Korth shared video allegedly showing the alleged violence.

She also said that she and her family were sick of Sina’s ongoing abuse. The artist is allegedly broke and merely pretends to be wealthy, according to Korth. However, internet users said in the comment section that anyone who removes her ring will suffer bad luck.

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