PAPA Unveils New Music Video for “Simple Life”

Latest Album Collaborations Include Lana Del Rey, Perfume Genius, Sky Ferreira, Miya Folik-Musician, and Renowned Bands Like Queens of the Stone Age and Local Natives.

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After a hiatus since their 2016 album, ‘Kick At The Dust’, PAPA is back with their latest indie rock collection, ‘Dig Yourself Or Dig A Hole’. As they tour North America alongside Sorcha Richardson, the band introduces the first official video from the album, “Simple Life”. The video, crafted by Madeleine Woolner and Ethan Dawes, stars Claire Woolner.

Sharing insights on the video, PAPA’s frontman, Darren Weiss, mentioned: “The initial concept revolved around two lovers in the same space but in contrasting worlds. However, Claire’s portrayal was so compelling that we shifted our focus to her. Her expressions, mirroring the song’s emotions, made us rethink the narrative. The final product delves into the internal conflict one feels, resonating with the album’s theme of seeking personal space or introspection.”

The track “Simple Life” is preceded by songs like “Everything Takes An Accident,” which offers a blend of pop and guitar rock vibes, and “Barcelona,” a song about rediscovering oneself.

Darren Weiss of PAPA has been a significant figure in the LA indie music circuit for years, collaborating with big names such as Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, and Perfume Genius. The album boasts contributions from Taylor Rice (Local Natives), Brad Oberhofer, Tyler Cash (Devendra Banhart), Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age), Daphne Chen, and others.

Often likened to a fusion of “Joe Strummer and the E Street Band,” PAPA combines punk’s raw energy with timeless songwriting. Their journey began with the 2011 EP, ‘A Good Woman Is Hard To Find’, followed by albums in 2013 and 2016. Between releases, Weiss showcased his versatility, working with artists like Lana Del Rey and Sky Ferreira.

With time between their last and upcoming albums, it’s evident that Weiss is brimming with stories, eager to share them with the world.

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