Throwback Video Of BBN All-Stars’ Ilebaye On Papa Ajasco Trends As Fans Debate Her Age

Ilebaye, one of the housemates on the BBNaija All-Stars Reality TV show, recently gained attention on social media after an old video of her surfaced. The footage showed Ilebaye acting as a young girl in a comedic scene with Pa James and Ajasco on the popular series ‘Papa Ajasco’. Fans who watched the vintage footage had varying opinions about her accent and age, which sparked a lively discussion on social media.

Throwback Video Of Bbn All-Stars’ Ilebaye On Papa Ajasco Trends As Fans Debate Her Age, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

The resurfaced video of Ilebaye, a BBNaija All Stars housemate, on the popular Wale Adenuga drama series, Papa Ajasco TV show, has caused a huge stir online. The video shows the reality TV star as a little girl, making internet rounds.

A recent Instagram post showcased a humorous school scene featuring the well-known BBNaija personality, acting alongside Pa James and Ajasco. In the video, the duo attempted to persuade the star to pay a bribe of N50. The throwback clip of Ilebaye as a young girl in the beloved Papa Ajasco drama series quickly garnered attention online, sparking various reactions from Nigerians. Certain individuals debated whether or not her accent had evolved, while others questioned her assertion of being 22 years old.

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