Ashabi Simple Goes Into Details On Her Relationship With Portable

Popular actress Ashabi Simple, who is now engaged to the street-hop singer Portable, had the liberty of discussing her relationship with the singer.

Ashabi disclosed she isn’t dating Portable for his money, else she would’ve grown tired of it, according to her. Simple also talked about how she occasionally gets envious of other women in the singer’s life. She delved into all this when she sat down for an interview with Punch Saturday Beats.

Ashabi Simple, who gave birth to her first child with Portable earlier this year, revealed that because of the nature of his career, he usually gets a lot of women in his space, which she said occasionally makes her feel quite jealous. Ashabi also mentioned how much she admires Portable’s immense commitment to his craft.

Speaking further, she said said she had no competition and that if she were to have one at all, it would be her husband because he is also an entertainer; one that motivates her. Ashabi said that despite Portable being made, he still keeps working hard at his music.

Speaking further, Ashabi said no one forces Portable to do anything, especially when it comes to money, and that she do not have a problem with that, because works hard for herself. Before she started her clothing business, she said she had worked as a bus conductor, bartender, and jewelry merchant.

Then she began working in the film industry as a manager, which is when she said she started making some good money.

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