Peter Okoye Slams The Nigerian Legal System; Says “It’s A Shame…”

Peter Okoye, a renowned Nigerian music artist famously known for being one-half of the P-Square duo, recently took to social media to share his thoughts on the current state of the legal system in Nigeria. In a tweet that sparked a conversation among his fans and followers, Peter expressed his deep frustration with the inefficiency and inadequacy of the legal system in his home country. His tweet highlighted the various challenges that the average citizen faces when navigating the complex and often corrupt legal system and called for urgent reforms to make justice more accessible and fair for all Nigerians.

Peter Okoye Slams The Nigerian Legal System; Says &Quot;It'S A Shame...&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 20, 2024

The musician’s tweet read,

“Imagine studying law in a lawless country.”

He denounced the practice and claimed that pursuing a legal career in Nigeria was shameful. This statement comes when the country grapples with rising concerns over corruption, inefficiency, and an overwhelming backlog of cases. Okoye’s remarks have reignited the longstanding debate surrounding the state of law in Nigeria. Peter Okoye recently criticized financial institutions for their shady activities.

A few days before making the tweet, Peter Okoye criticized financial institutions. Specifically, he had targeted top banks for their fraudulent activities. Mr. P announced that he will continue his criticism of Nigerian banks, indicating that he is not yet finished.

He had spoken out against financial institutions for allowing online scammers to use his name to defraud people. The artist, who runs an online lottery program, shared screenshots of bank accounts with his name to call out GT Bank on his Instagram page. He expressed disappointment in the banks’ lack of reliability and trustworthiness. He also questioned the effectiveness of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) and National Identification Number (NIN) system, as it seems that it is easy for people to create accounts using other people’s identities.

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