Comedian Deeone Clapback At Nasboi; Says Entertainer Once Assaulted A Lady

Famous comedian DeeOne has criticized Nasboi, claiming that the once-content producer and now-musician once sexually abused a woman. Deeone admitted this after Nasboi referred to him as “resentful” and chasing clout for interfering in his argument with Yhemo Lee over Yhemo Lee’s criticism of his music. When commenting on the beef between the two men, DeeOne said that Nasboi wasn’t ready for celebrity as people would always have their thoughts and air them any way they pleased. Using himself as an example, he said he had been the target of many criticisms from public figures and even Nasboi. DeeOne further expressed his disappointment in Nasboi’s behaviour, stating that he expected more from someone who had transitioned from content production to music. He emphasized the importance of using one’s platform responsibly and treating others respectfully, regardless of personal disagreements or criticisms.

However, it appears that DeeOne’s remark did not sit well with Nasboi, who replied by labelling DeeOne as a resentful individual. DeeOne has responded by saying he has never harboured animosity toward anyone and characterizing Nasboi as a “cruel individual” who has been subjected to a serious accusation of sexual assault. He claims he will assist the lady in obtaining justice. DeeOne’s response highlights its commitment to justice and support for victims of sexual assault. He demonstrates his dedication to ensuring a fair resolution by assisting the woman involved. This situation showcases the complexities of online interactions and the importance of responsibly addressing conflicts while advocating for those in need. More on this story will be expected in the coming days, as rape allegations aren’t taken lightly by responsible bodies in charge of prosecuting such cases.

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