Mohbad’s Death: Confusion Heightens As Hospital Late Star Was Taken To Releases Statement

There is a new twist to the Mohbad story, even as an autopsy result that the Nigerian police have carried on is yet to be revealed to the public. Perez Medcare Hospital insists that the late musician Mohbad did not die under their care despite being brought to the institution in his final moments. They said that Mohbad had died before arriving at the hospital and that all attempts to revive him had been unsuccessful. The statement also clarified that the institution did not employ the nurse accused of injecting the singer.

Following several days of conflicting information on the demise of the late musician Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, aka Mohbad, a fresh finding has shocked social media. The hospital where the musician is said to have drawn his final breath has issued a statement refuting the claims. The singer’s lifeless body was carried to Perez Medcare Hospital, according to a statement from the hospital. He was brought in dead, and when resuscitation was attempted, some sections of his body had already begun to stiffen.

According to the hospital, they recommended the individuals who brought Mohbad in to take him to the nearby government hospital’s morgue. The statement made it clear that neither the hospital where the musician was purportedly seen alive nor the nurse who allegedly injected him was affiliated with their organization. The hospital’s response perplexed online users, and they posed many queries.

Additionally, this information is contradictory because earlier, a man claimed he took images with the deceased musician in the hospital and saw that he wasn’t entirely himself. He claims that the nurses and buddies who took the late Singer Mohbad to the hospital just before he passed away displayed suspicious behaviour when he was there. He contended that Mohbad was brought into the hospital by a buddy who then announced his passing while sobbing on social media.

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