Zazuu Vs. Mr. Phenomenal: Portable Triumphs Over Charles Okocha In A Highly Anticipated Celebrity Boxing Fight

In the early hours of this Wednesday morning, December 27, renowned actor and comedian Charles Okocha lost to Zeh Nation’s label head, Portable in an anticipated celebrity boxing match. The incredibly amusing fight began at around one in the morning and lasted for roughly forty minutes at Lagos’ Landmark Beach.

The fight was ultimately arranged after months of social media trolling between the two entertainers, and the two eventually punched it out, man to man. A short, now-trending clip showing a sneak peek into the fight was also shared on X.

In a business deal, Okocha was accused by the zazu crooner of defrauding him. Charles replied that the contract came from his connections and that he had only called to give him his portion, denying that he had taken advantage of him.

The referee intended to stop the match after the third round, but he continued with the match for a fourth round. Portable sent Charles a hard blow in the fourth round, which prompted the referee to break up the bout. Upon tallying the points, Portable emerged victorious in the bout.

The fans cheered and applauded the Zazuu singer after the fight, when both Portable and Charles embraced and smiled at one another.

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