Portable Slams Esabod’s Ritual Claims, Accuses Her Of Selling Her Body In Trending Video

Nigerian street-hop artist Portable criticized polarizing media figure Esther Aboderin, aka Esabod after she claimed he used rituals to gain notoriety and success. Esabod claimed in a live video that the “Zazuu” Crooner has recently been exhibiting behaviours that point to involvement in demonic activity. Esabod also asserted that she had proof to back up her charges. The blogger claimed that a mysterious spirit was controlling Portable. She cited an incident in Turkey where Portable abruptly dropped to the ground mid-performance and showed convulsive-like shaking to bolster her claim.

Portable Slams Esabod'S Ritual Claims, Accuses Her Of Selling Her Body In Trending Video, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024


In response, Portable slandered the media personality in a brand-new video. He claims God is the source of everything he has because God is grace. The Singer claimed that wealth comes from God and that he had not appropriated anything from the devil. He continued by saying Esabod can make such ritualistic claims because she doesn’t have a child like him and makes money by selling her body on social media. Since Portable had made a claim, she challenged Esabod to back up his claim with proof.

In his words:

“Even though you go to Cele, you cannot become a celebrity. It’s very hard, it’s God that gives wealth. Mummy Esabod, you make money off your body on social media. You don’t have someone like me, that is why you are saying I did blood money, e no go better for you.

You carry my matter for head, you think say you go sell, even if you sell, you no go gain. Madam you say I do ritual, na so I hear o, they say you say I do ritual, so come out make you come tell people sey evidence. We didn’t collect anything from the devil, it’s from God’s hands that we collected it. It is grace, not disgrace.”

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